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Dr. Rosenberg, Dr. Silver, Dr. Posey Southdale Otolaryngology is a three physician practice specializing in the treatment of diseases of the ear, nose, and throat. Our Audiology department consists of clinical audiologists, trained in the identification and rehabilitation of hearing loss.

Robert H. Rosenberg, MD
Lisa A. Posey, MD
Robert D. Silver, MD


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Our Location


Centennial Lakes Medical Center
7373 France Avenue South
Suite 302
Edina, Minnesota 55435

Tel: (952) 896-3166
Fax: (952) 896-9853


With our office in Edina, Minnesota, our service area is Minneapolis, Minnesota, including the Southern and Western suburbs.


Services We Provide

Sinusitis & Snoring


Snoring and SinusitisTwo common problems associated with inflammation of the nasal passages are often treatable using non-surgical methods.

Visit one of our Doctors and learn more.



Services We Provide

Hearing Aids


Hearing Aid and Hearing LossVisit our section on hearing aids and learn how a hearing aid can bring volume to your world.

Our Audiologist on staff will guide you through the process.